The inaugural Electra Mining Botswana 2013 attracted over 2 000 visitors and hosted 118 exhibitors, it was well received with positive feedback from people and companies all over Africa and from as far as Australia and Japan.

  • Build prospect data & conduct industry research
  • Cut through clutter & deliver key messages to a buying audience
  • Host, entertain & engage with existing clients
  • Sell directly to serious buyers in active buying mode
  • Positioning your company as a market leader
Jaco Oosthuizen, Marketing Manager at Aquadam, says that the first Electra Mining Botswana show was a great success. The Aquadam exhibition drew quite a lot of visitors, generated a lot of leads and have had requests for quotations, and I think the next one in 2015; is going to be big!
Prothane Industrial experienced a very good result following the launch of the Polycombo impeller with the imbedded wear indicator at the expo. Electra Mining Botswana in Gaborone was a first and certainly will not be the last says Gordon Cornish of Prothane Industrial.

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